Wellbeing - Tea - Shoti Maa Teas

Delicious organic infusions inspired by the necessities of daily living.

Wellbeing - Zen Gardens

Wellbeing - Ear Candles

Wellbeing - Massage

Wellbeing - Meditation

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Mat Carry Sling

The simply perfect way to carry a mat.

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Mats

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Mats - NBR Yoga Mat

Made from 10mm NBR synthetic rubber. Gives medium/soft deep cushioning and is suitable for yoga practitioners who may have medical issues or injuries. Stability medium.

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Mats - TPE Yoga Mat

Made from 6mm Eco friendly thermoplastic rubber. This mat is light weight, grips well is very hardwearing with medium/firm cushioning. Stability high.

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Mats - Vinyl Yoga Mat

Made from 6mm thick vinyl, this mat is grippy and durable with medium cushioning. Suitable for all types of Yoga. Easy to clean. Diethylhexyl phtalate free. Stability medium/high

Wellbeing - Yoga - Yoga Straps

Yoga Straps extend your reach, allowing wider range of postures.